photo 3d6e3f2ed2f42068352a-L.gif
 photo d21a8a101c4d_zps45333d3f.gif Cuties!!

I'm fed up! photo o0020002010351051899_zps8268aa26.gif
I finally want to change my hair color ... photo tumblr_m9gckz0sJR1qzckow.gif

 photo 1e49329f2b5b_zpsfd5172df.gif
but which color now??? photo e5751575ae972f176a035d8f931f0ec4d4f27212.gif photo fd4f457312a61acd629d6752204c25da63669db2.gif
I've looked at a lot of hairstyles
but really I havn't got an idea. photo 52cb4af807d780a1ab0f844059a013cc.gif
here are a few inspirations photo arrow4.gif
Brown hair with a hint of blonde would be an idea photo tumblr_m89gmq5xgn1qdlkyg_zps094eca27.gif
 but I am a very fair skin type.
And this Snow White effect I don't like it . photo tumblr_m2rs24YZ9A1qdlkyg_zps3490b7f5.gif

but it look so cool  photo tumblr_m4c29mOLHB1qk1or3_zpse5e726a8.gif
 even brighter Blonde I would also like photo image9_zps30529d71.gif
for example these tones photo tumblr_ln6jla0kSY1qdlkyg_zpsa7fa5558.gif
but also the effect on the time very boring photo 39534d112d37324cf46382b5f6ba5e4b.gif
one of my clients has a ash blonde haircolor 
it looked very elegant photo 6fa6fb3b1a51e9cd64054d44c1daa773a954f252.gif 
look like this  photo tumblr_ln6jl6edwm1qdlkyg_zps99101867.gif
I really like the color from the right image photo tumblr_ln6jla0kSY1qdlkyg_zpsa7fa5558.gif
and I would have so readily times gray hair
like the Gyarus of  Black Diamond photo o0020002010569769183.gif

 photo tumblr_ln7ijq9xFR1qdlkyg_zpsd2471211.gifBut I can wear this Hair color as a Hime Gyaru ? photo tumblr_ln7ih09IY01qdlkyg_zps4f6b1206.gif
it looks very strange ... photo o0020002010370206975.gif
but I WANT IT SO MUCH! photo xmfrp.gif!
 photo tumblr_inline_mgpetsBibn1qdlkyg_zps66fb2a28.gif
I don't know more...

 photo af2bf2315ae4018eb940d9a9e72754449e04f856.gif
 photo tumblr_ln8j7kOd0k1qdlkyg_zps1e7bcb1d.gif
 photo Unbenannt-4Kopie.png
 photo 3d6e3f2ed2f42068352a-L.gif

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